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Bamboo Flooring

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Add beauty and elegance to your home

Renowned for its sustainability, distinctive clean and modern look, Woodland Lifestyles Bamboo Flooring is available in a range of beautiful colours to suit any décor.

Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring is the hardest wooden overlay floor available, making it perfect for household use and light commercial applications. Twice as hard as Kwila and more than three times harder than solid oak, it will handle the wear and tear your floor gets everyday.

The scratch resistant UV treated coating will ensure your Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Floor will remain beautiful for years to come. And the simple Uniclic™ installation system means Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo flooring is easy to install yourself.

Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring is eco-friendly and has the advantage of being sourced from sustainably grown plantations, making it a completely renewable resource.


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Made of compressed bamboo strands which are harder than traditional hardwood species. Highly resistant to daily wear and tear.

A highly sustainable product made from plantation grown Bamboo stems which are harvested every 5 – 7 years.

Easy to install
Engineered to perfection with an easy click system. No glues are required, just standard woodworking tools.

DIY Friendly
Easy for the home handyman or weekend warrior to install.

Homeowners across the country can afford to enjoy the luxury of a hardwood floor without the heavy price tag.

Matching Accessories
Colour matched accessories to each of the eight Bamboo colours – click to find out more


We’re so confident in the ‘fit and finish’ of Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring that we guarantee it for 25 years! Learn more 

Bamboo Flooring Warranty - Eco Bamboo Flooring - Woodland Lifestyle

Want to know where to buy our flooring products?


These are the codes you can use to order our product throughout our distribution network. Head to our Where to buy page for more information about this.

Description Code
Bamboo Flooring – Coffee FLPL-WLBA-CO
Bamboo Flooring – Natural FLPL-WLBA-NA
Bamboo Flooring – Stoke FLPL-WLBA-ST
Bamboo Flooring – Schist FLPL-WLBA-SC
Bamboo Flooring – Antique FLPL-WLBA-AN
Bamboo Flooring – Mahogany FLPL-WLBA-MA
Bamboo Flooring – Desert trail FLPL-WLBA-DT
Bamboo Flooring – Sienna FLPL-WLBA-SI