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How Multilayer Herringbone Flooring Fit the Criteria for Millies Café

When we received the brief for the Millies Café flooring upgrade, the only product that could fit the Criteria was the Multilayer Herringbone product that was new to the market.

They needed a product that:

  • Was commercially rated.
  • Was waterproof. (not just resistant)
  • Was comfortable underfoot.
  • Absorbed the clatter of lots of busy staff and customers’ shoes.
  • Could still produce an outstanding visual aesthetic.
  • Was fast to install, enabling a tight timeline.

All the while keeping within a budget!

We considered multiple different laminate ranges for Millies Café. The Grande wide range would have worked since it ticks all of the above points. However we also needed flooring that had a busier look when having commercial amounts of tables and people within, ultimately resulting in a comfortable and well put together feel.
While there are some new laminates coming out with the Herringbone print, these fail as often they have a square join due to being a laminate, conflicting terribly with the Herringbone pattern.

The Herringbone product on the other hand,

  • Impervious to moisture: made of a non-absorbent material, with a jointing system that completely stops any moisture ingress
  • 19dB acoustic rating: The flooring is a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), which means it has an open cell structure which is significantly softer and quieter underfoot than other comparable products.
  • Simple drop-lock 400 installation system: meaning in the case of Millie’s Café, the Woodland Flooring team were able to install 95m² in a total of 24 man-hours (1.5 days with a team of two people)
  • Consistent Pattern: The Isocore structure of the flooring facilitates some very tight machining tolerance and enables the products to keep its continuous pattern over large areas.
  • 7-year commercial rating

Due to the clear advantages of using Multilayer Herringbone flooring, the client decided to trust our experts at Woodland Lifestyle and proceeded with a Multilayer Herringbone design. The end result was a happy client, happy designer, happy staff and most importantly very happy café visitors!

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