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How you can make a small room look bigger with correct flooring!

Do you have a room that just seems too small no matter how you decorate it? Well, did you know that choosing the right flooring can actually give the illusion of more space in a room?

Our flooring specialists have shared their expertise on ways that you can achieve that.

  1. Use one floor covering for all rooms.

This creates a seamless look between rooms with a flow on effect, making the smaller space appear larger and part of something bigger.

  1. In bathrooms, place the flooring diagonally.

This is easier to do with tiles but if the opportunity arises, place flooring on an angle and the visual lines disappear into the walls, making the room feel more spacious.

  1. Choose larger planks.

This is one of the easiest ways you can make your room seem more spacious.
Larger planks give a less busy feel to the room as there are less joins and less boards are required in total.

  1. Run planks along the longest wall in the room

This will make the room look longer and more spacious. If choosing carpet, avoid patterns and busy florals. Instead, opt for a plain or striped pattern which will accentuate the length.

  1. Light verses dark flooring

A combination of colours can make a room either feel very claustrophobic or very open. Lighter coloured floors can open up the space and teamed with neutral walls, give the appearance of an infinite space. They can also draw in more light from the outside which helps a room feel more spacious.
However, a clean dark floor can also be inviting and open when paired with cool wall colours.

Choosing the correct flooring can be the missing piece in making your room appear larger than it is without the need for expensive renovations.

Words by L M Powell

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