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Multilayer vs Vinyl – Benefits of Multilayer Flooring

If you’re in the market for a new floor you may have heard of Multilayer flooring.  Multilayer flooring combines the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl. Multilayer can be installed throughout the entire home and offers significant benefits over traditional vinyl flooring.

Multilayer Herringbone Flooring by Woodland Lifestyle

  • Floating installation – is great for DIY as no adhesive is required. Multilayer flooring requires a floating installation which saves time.
  • 100% waterproof – installation in wet areas is fine. Multilayer flooring is ideal for laundries, bathrooms and other wet areas. This allows a continuous look throughout your home.
  • Greater dimensional stability – lay up to 150m² without expansion gaps.(perimeter gaps of a minimum of 6mm still required). Multilayer flooring, especially when featuring ISOCORE technology is highly stable. This provides stability across large areas.
  • Significant noise reduction – in room and transfer. Multilayer flooring has great acoustic properties of around 19dB, depending on the underlay used. This reduces noise reflection as well as transfer noise between rooms. This makes Multilayer flooring great for multilevel homes.
  • Locking strength four times as strong as solid vinyl click floors.Multilayer flooring is almost impossible to pull apart once installed. Strata flooring with Isocore Technology™ has patented DropLock 100 which maximises this feature. You can be sure that the easy click installation is going to last.
  • Peace of mind with good warranties. The Strata Commercial range comes with a Lifetime Warranty when installed domestically.

To learn more about Woodland Lifestyle’s industry leading Multilayer flooring, click here.

Words by L M Powell

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