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What Direction Should I Lay My New Flooring?

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The direction you run your flooring planks is usually decided by the aesthetic, some structural factors or just plain preference.

Aesthetics dictate the boards run away from the main entrance of a room however structural aspects may be a feature or an open plan room may lead the flooring in a different direction.

  • Lay planks from the front door toward the back of the house. Avoid laying planks crosswise as the joins are more noticeable.
  • Consider light sources. How light falls on planks can lengthen or shorten the perceived size of the room. Flooring laid lengthways makes a room feel longer and larger. Flooring laid crossways makes a room feel shorter and cosier.
  • In open areas, lay planks down the longest length of the room.
  • Alternatively, planks can be laid to lead the eye to a focal point in the room such as a fireplace.
  • If changing direction, lay a plank parallel to the transition, such as in a doorway to a bedroom.
  • In older homes or buildings, the walls may not be straight so ensure you or your installer measure the walls to calculate the angle at which the boards should be laid.

Whatever way you decide to lay your new flooring planks you can be sure it will transform your space and be a satisfying enhancement to your interior scheme.

If you haven’t yet decided on your floor, make sure you check out our large range of Bamboo, Laminate and Multilayer Flooring. If you would like a little more help deciding we are always happy to assist, just send us an email [email protected] 

Words by L M Powell

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