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Why is Metroflor so Quiet?

Metroflor Genesis luxury hybrid flooring is renowned for its ultra-quiet performance compared to other hard flooring solutions on the market. This is because the Genesis range of waterproof WPC flooring comes complete with three individual levels of sound-reducing technology.

On the surface, 1.5mm solid layers of virgin vinyl are used to soften the impact sound of footfall. Next, unique ISOCORE technology is fundamental to the noise-dampening performance of the Genesis range. This closed cell technology within the extruded vinyl core of the plank helps to break up sound waves as they travel through the floor.

Finally, a premium attached foam underlayment is supplied on every plank, which improves sound absorption for a quieter environment. Designed to muffle both reflected and transmitted sound, the pre-attached underlayment also acts as a shock absorber, providing warmth and comfort underfoot and helping to conceal subfloor imperfections. This sound mitigating underlayment is also treated with Ultra-Fresh to inhibit the growth of odour and stain-causing mould and mildew.

Whether you’re designing a multi-level commercial space or revitalising your home, Genesis is our premium acoustic range that delivers on style, comfort and noise reduction. A high performer, Genesis surpasses NZ Building Code clause G6 (airborne and impact sound) when installed on concrete slabs in multilevel buildings.

With industry-leading acoustic properties of 24dB, Metroflor Genesis is the ultimate solution for reducing noise transfer to rooms below, making it an ideal choice for medium-density housing, retail spaces, apartments, and high-rise office blocks. Plus, with its outstanding acoustic rating, installing additional underlay is eliminated, delivering cost savings to builders whilst surpassing the required acoustic rating.

Where can Metroflor Genesis be used?

Metroflor Genesis is a flexible and multipurpose style of WPC flooring, suitable for a wide range of applications. To find out if Genesis is the right choice for your project, download our recommended use chart for a complete list of suitable applications. This chart has been developed for designers and architects to easily specify Genesis for suitable spaces.

As a general guide, Genesis is suitable for applications such as: 

  • Offices, hallways and corridors
  • Classrooms, lecture halls and libraries
  • School administration and conference rooms
  • Daycare centres
  • Retail food service areas and department stores
  • Hotel lobbies, lounges and guest rooms
  • Healthcare applications such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies and waiting rooms

Why Choose Metroflor Genesis?

Genesis is a 100% waterproof WPC floor covering with ISOCORE technology – an extruded closed-cell vinyl construction that delivers a strong and rigid floor.

Available as an 8.5mm thick plank, it is easily installed over most existing hard floors and imperfect subfloors, saving on labour, time, and material costs. Genesis can be used in wet areas including baths, laundry rooms, kitchens, and basement applications.

Offering better resistance to dents and better scratch resistance than traditional LVT flooring, the hand-picked colour palette is perfectly suited to New Zealand spaces. Choose from 12 natural tones in a spectrum of dark and light hues.

Woodland Lifestyle: Leaders in Acoustic Flooring

Metroflor Genesis’s 24dB sound reduction properties will reduce both in-room acoustics and noise transfer to rooms below, creating a quieter, more peaceful environment for both homes and commercial spaces.

For more information on Genesis or any other products in our hybrid flooring range, get in touch with the flooring experts at Woodland Lifestyle.

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